The 4 Best Underwater Cameras of 2016


Alright, you want to get the best photographs underwater, but you can’t decide which camera to get. I will help you out with your dilemma. I will give you my top four choices for the best underwater camera for this year 2016. Check out the information and hopefully, you can come up with a decision on which you think is the camera fit for you.

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III – $3,399.00



This baby has a 22 MP image resolution. It has an excellent LCD screen that gives the correct image color when you check your photo, unlike the others that may automatically adjust the brightness. Sounds incredible right? But, that’s not it because this remarkable camera is resistant to dust and water. You just have to get a good case because it’s not waterproof.

2. Nikon D810 – $2797.00


Nikon D810 has 36.3 MP that can capture an image in a very dynamic way. This fantastic camera just set a high standard when it comes to the picture resolution. If you’re looking for the best quality DSLR, then you should focus on this excellent camera. I’m pretty sure you will immediately fall in love with the Nikon D810.

3. Sony Alpha a6000 – $700.00


This small but terrible camera can let you zoom in your pictures up to 16-50mm. You can also enjoy taking sharp and clear photos with its 24 MP image resolution. This darling even has Wi-Fi capability. If you want something small but fully equipped, then Sony a6000 is perfect for you.

4. Sony Alpha a7IIK – $2,000.00


Sony Alpha a7IIK can give perfect image stability, unlike the first few models that have been released by Sony. You can get high-quality images with the 24 MP resolution of this camera. It will no longer give you the problem on auto-focus which was the little downside for the previous models.

There you go, I hope I was able to give you some tips on which camera to get. All of those four are great choices. You just have to pick which one do you think fits you perfectly.…

3 Reasons Why I Love Aquatic Photos So Much


There are a lot of people who are fascinated with photos under the water. Among all the varieties of pictures, I love aquatic photos the most. Why? There are a lot of reasons why and I can go on all day if you want to hear all my reasons as to why I love aquatic pictures. Since we don’t have all day, let me just share the top three reasons why I love underwater photos.

1. Mystery

The big blue sea remains a big mystery to humankind. With all the high-tech gadgets these days we can’t hide the fact that we still don’t know a lot of what’s beneath the clear blue water. Every time I see any pictures that have an aquatic theme, it gives me the chills thinking that the photo is a piece of the mystery. The marine picture gives me the thrill of finding out more things under the water.

2. Calmness

The beautiful photos under the water give me the relaxed feeling. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, and I happened to see aquatic photos, it can quickly make me calm. I’m not sure if you can relate with this but, I always get the feeling that I am drawn and hypnotized by those pictures. With just a glimpse of these photos, it can make me stop thinking about anything else.

3. Magic

The aquatic photos are magical. They can bring you to the deepest part of the water without exactly being there. These pictures can magically put you in that place as if you are just right there swimming with all the species you can see. These pictures will give you an opportunity to see things clearly and to appreciate the things you never thought you would. I’ll give you an example. Would you appreciate a shark as a magnificent creature if you’re faced with it or you will just simply scream on top of your lungs? I bet the latter.

I hope you share the same thoughts as me but of course, everyone has their specific reasons. Let’s just enjoy the beauty of these pictures and let it bring us to the places that are beyond our grasp.

5 Tips to Getting Started With Underwater Photography


Do you think it’s easy to take pictures? No, it’s not. What more if the pictures will be taken underwater? You should exert extra effort if you want to succeed with underwater photography. I will give you five important tips so you can get in the grove for the basics of underwater photography. If you can follow these tips, then I’m sure you are on the right track to be one of the best photographers underwater.

1. Prepare

To start your dream of being an underwater photographer, you will need the cameras that you can use when you dive. I’m telling you right now that this passion doesn’t come at a cheap price. The equipment you need for underwater photography is pretty expensive that it can cost you thousands of dollars. Also, you have to make sure that you got everything prepared at home. Don’t do the last minute preparations just when you’re about to do your dive. It will spoil the fun, and it will give you a lot of stress.

2. Diver

Let’s face the fact that you cannot be a good underwater photographer if you don’t know how to dive. You better be a good diver so you can do your job. Like every great diver, you should not ruin the serenity of the sea if you will take photos. Remember your camera would be useless if you don’t have a subject.

3. Take advantage of natural light

When you dive to take photographs, you will notice that there is a natural light provided by the surrounding. You have to make use of that to make more contrast and life to your shots. You should learn to appreciate the natural habitat under the water. Once you’re at peace with nature, you can see your subjects in a better perspective.

4. The Flash

Okay, I’m not talking about your favorite superhero. I’m talking about the flash of your camera. Make sure it is on Forced Flash and do not just rely on the auto flash. If you want your pictures to be lifeless and dull, then you can forget about the flash. Don’t be afraid to come near your subject, just make precise moves so you will not lose your subject.

5. Macro Mode

For beginners, I’d say this is the best photo technique that you can use. The macro will let you capture things up close. You just have to choose your subject carefully. Put in mind that there are a lot of things that can affect the quality of the photos like the current or waves in the ocean.

There are a lot of things that you should consider if you want to pursue underwater photography. Just make sure that you are decided and dedicated with what you want. If you have the confidence, and you believe in yourself, you will be one of the best underwater photographers in no time.


My Photography Journey Through Los Angeles, California

I have always enjoyed traveling and photography. In fact, I eat, sleep, and survive on photography, plus it is main source of income. If you are a photography enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy my story. I currently live in the beautiful state of New York City and have traveled throughout the city, capturing images of landscapes and national monuments. I was slightly bored with the same old, same old scenery, so I decided to book a flight to Los Angeles, California.


City Of Angels


Los Angeles is situated in Southern California, with a population of more than 17 million residents. The city is surrounded by valleys, desert, beaches, and mountain ranges and provides locals and tourists with plenty of fantastic entertainment. Most of the tourists that visit Los Angeles head straight to the beautiful beaches, because they want to escape the hectic city life. The sandy beaches are absolutely stunning and never too overcrowded.


Downtown Los Angeles


Downtown Los Angeles is a very happening area. For individuals that enjoy contemporary art and music, you definitely need to schedule a day to visit the downtown area. Here, you will find the fabulous Museum of Contemporary Art, which showcases thousands of artifacts and other displays. The Music Center is also a great place to spend your free time. The center provides different types of entertainment that will be suitable for every member of your group. Don’t forget the Disney Concert Hall and Japanese-American Museum, when you are touring downtown Los Angeles.




Hollywood is for movie enthusiasts and celebrities. Hollywood used to be the placed where movies were made, but nowadays production companies are becoming more interested in Atlanta, Georgia. However, it would not be unusual to spot a famous celebrity in the Hollywood or Highland area. Thousands of fans flock to Hollywood for the Academy Awards, where they can capture at least one glimpse of the rich and famous.


If you get the opportunity to visit Hollywood, be sure to head down to the Sunset Boulevard. Here, you will find a ton of clubs, where you can dance the night away. Melrose Avenue also offers a great adventure for the shopper in the group. Of course, there are also a few clubs that are open for business and ready for you to get your groove on.


Combating Cockroaches


If you live in Los Angeles, there will always be the chance of getting a cockroach infestation. Contact a roach exterminator Los Angeles, if you find any type of pest in your home. For NYC – top bed bug company in new york. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator


A Unique Day In Photography – Exploring America’s Pests

Hello there. As a photographer, I like the idea of using my ability to explore the problems American’s face on a daily basis. It is undeniably true that everyday Americans are far more interesting than any other subject matter. Of course, it would be cliché to go out on the streets and photograph the homeless, street performers, or anyone else for that matter. So, I decided to do something that had never been done before. I decided to target a major problem in America that impacts homes throughout the United States. I spoke with the best exterminator Chicago & Best Bed Bug Chicago Exterminators Team with EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago Experts their could find and learned more. Then, I headed out into the street.


For many people, cockroaches are a hideous creature. Don’t get me wrong. I do not keep roaches as pets. However, these critters truly take on a life of their own. They have a unique personality and they know how to survive through almost anything. Even as I ventured into abandoned homes, I was able to find roaches roaming around. This speaks to the hardiness of these creatures. I can almost guarantee they will greatly outlive the human population.


Rats are another common household pests, which will give homeowners a fright. They’re certainly not friendly and shouldn’t be petted. However, I still find these creatures to be absolutely fascinating. There is something weird about rats that make them surprisingly compelling. Perhaps it is their unkempt appearance or their constant struggle for survival? The struggle of the rodent closely resembles the struggles many Americans face on a daily basis. They work daily to obtain money for life’s necessities. Meanwhile, the rat does the same in its own hideous way. I only hope my photographs can emphasize the specific message I am attempting to portray.


The bedbug is yet another interesting creature, which will be sure to give you a fright. Nonetheless, I see bedbugs in a different light. They’re very intelligent and they know how to get the most out of people. To me, they also symbolize a large segment of the population. Bedbugs are like criminals, scammers, and thieves. They’ll sink their teeth in deep and they don’t care who they hurt. Unsurprisingly, the bedbug was my most difficult subject matter.

The pesky little critters are good at hiding and they forced me to remain in wait for a good period of time, before they emerged. Nonetheless, I got a few good pictures and I sincerely hope my message is clearly evident.…