3 Reasons Why I Love Aquatic Photos So Much


There are a lot of people who are fascinated with photos under the water. Among all the varieties of pictures, I love aquatic photos the most. Why? There are a lot of reasons why and I can go on all day if you want to hear all my reasons as to why I love aquatic pictures. Since we don’t have all day, let me just share the top three reasons why I love underwater photos.

1. Mystery

The big blue sea remains a big mystery to humankind. With all the high-tech gadgets these days we can’t hide the fact that we still don’t know a lot of what’s beneath the clear blue water. Every time I see any pictures that have an aquatic theme, it gives me the chills thinking that the photo is a piece of the mystery. The marine picture gives me the thrill of finding out more things under the water.

2. Calmness

The beautiful photos under the water give me the relaxed feeling. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, and I happened to see aquatic photos, it can quickly make me calm. I’m not sure if you can relate with this but, I always get the feeling that I am drawn and hypnotized by those pictures. With just a glimpse of these photos, it can make me stop thinking about anything else.

3. Magic

The aquatic photos are magical. They can bring you to the deepest part of the water without exactly being there. These pictures can magically put you in that place as if you are just right there swimming with all the species you can see. These pictures will give you an opportunity to see things clearly and to appreciate the things you never thought you would. I’ll give you an example. Would you appreciate a shark as a magnificent creature if you’re faced with it or you will just simply scream on top of your lungs? I bet the latter.

I hope you share the same thoughts as me but of course, everyone has their specific reasons. Let’s just enjoy the beauty of these pictures and let it bring us to the places that are beyond our grasp.