My Photography Journey Through Los Angeles, California

I have always enjoyed traveling and photography. In fact, I eat, sleep, and survive on photography, plus it is main source of income. If you are a photography enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy my story. I currently live in the beautiful state of New York City and have traveled throughout the city, capturing images of landscapes and national monuments. I was slightly bored with the same old, same old scenery, so I decided to book a flight to Los Angeles, California.


City Of Angels


Los Angeles is situated in Southern California, with a population of more than 17 million residents. The city is surrounded by valleys, desert, beaches, and mountain ranges and provides locals and tourists with plenty of fantastic entertainment. Most of the tourists that visit Los Angeles head straight to the beautiful beaches, because they want to escape the hectic city life. The sandy beaches are absolutely stunning and never too overcrowded.


Downtown Los Angeles


Downtown Los Angeles is a very happening area. For individuals that enjoy contemporary art and music, you definitely need to schedule a day to visit the downtown area. Here, you will find the fabulous Museum of Contemporary Art, which showcases thousands of artifacts and other displays. The Music Center is also a great place to spend your free time. The center provides different types of entertainment that will be suitable for every member of your group. Don’t forget the Disney Concert Hall and Japanese-American Museum, when you are touring downtown Los Angeles.




Hollywood is for movie enthusiasts and celebrities. Hollywood used to be the placed where movies were made, but nowadays production companies are becoming more interested in Atlanta, Georgia. However, it would not be unusual to spot a famous celebrity in the Hollywood or Highland area. Thousands of fans flock to Hollywood for the Academy Awards, where they can capture at least one glimpse of the rich and famous.


If you get the opportunity to visit Hollywood, be sure to head down to the Sunset Boulevard. Here, you will find a ton of clubs, where you can dance the night away. Melrose Avenue also offers a great adventure for the shopper in the group. Of course, there are also a few clubs that are open for business and ready for you to get your groove on.


Combating Cockroaches


If you live in Los Angeles, there will always be the chance of getting a cockroach infestation. Contact a roach exterminator Los Angeles, if you find any type of pest in your home. For NYC – top bed bug company in new york. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator