The 4 Best Underwater Cameras of 2016


Alright, you want to get the best photographs underwater, but you can’t decide which camera to get. I will help you out with your dilemma. I will give you my top four choices for the best underwater camera for this year 2016. Check out the information and hopefully, you can come up with a decision on which you think is the camera fit for you.

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III – $3,399.00



This baby has a 22 MP image resolution. It has an excellent LCD screen that gives the correct image color when you check your photo, unlike the others that may automatically adjust the brightness. Sounds incredible right? But, that’s not it because this remarkable camera is resistant to dust and water. You just have to get a good case because it’s not waterproof.

2. Nikon D810 – $2797.00


Nikon D810 has 36.3 MP that can capture an image in a very dynamic way. This fantastic camera just set a high standard when it comes to the picture resolution. If you’re looking for the best quality DSLR, then you should focus on this excellent camera. I’m pretty sure you will immediately fall in love with the Nikon D810.

3. Sony Alpha a6000 – $700.00


This small but terrible camera can let you zoom in your pictures up to 16-50mm. You can also enjoy taking sharp and clear photos with its 24 MP image resolution. This darling even has Wi-Fi capability. If you want something small but fully equipped, then Sony a6000 is perfect for you.

4. Sony Alpha a7IIK – $2,000.00


Sony Alpha a7IIK can give perfect image stability, unlike the first few models that have been released by Sony. You can get high-quality images with the 24 MP resolution of this camera. It will no longer give you the problem on auto-focus which was the little downside for the previous models.

There you go, I hope I was able to give you some tips on which camera to get. All of those four are great choices. You just have to pick which one do you think fits you perfectly.